About INF Care

INF Care is a common sense technological approach to in-home patient care that allows seniors to have a better overall patient experience and promotes their independence. We have three mission objectives that we're continuously working towards.

Remote Metrics

We aim to give caregivers all the information that they require about a remote patient whether it be vital measurements, medication use, intellectual and physical activity.

Patient Experience

Patient experience is the core of our business. Our app communicates with them at specific times about their day, gives them advice for living a more fulfilling life, and has games.

Privacy and Security

Healthcare data is very personal and we understand that. That's why we employ the highest standards of encryption to protect our clients' and patients' data.

Our Service

INF Care provides a client portal from where caregivers can remotely monitor their patients using tablets assigned to patients. They can conduct teleconference appointments, schedule medication or other reminders for the patient, check on their daily reports (including intake, exercise times, etc.) and organize notes.

Our web application is responsive, meaning it can be accessed on any device and runs on AWS Cloud to provide unmatched security and reliability. There is also a family portal, so the patients' family can schedule virtual visits.

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Tablet Features

The tablet is the other half of the equation, it is issued to each patient and provides a complete albiet simplified experience. Here are just a few things the patient can do with their tablet.

  • Place call requests to a careprovider, so that they can get seen through video chat relatively quickly.
  • It'll have conversations with patients about their food intake, exercise, other things concerning them.
  • It has puzzle like games and tracks the users scoring for further analysis of their mental health and agility.
  • It makes sure to remind the patient to take their medication at the correct time.
  • It is always on to protect the patient in case of emergencies whilst being private and unobtrusive.
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Here are a few screenshots on how the system would look like:

INF Care Features

Here are all the features you can expect with our system.

Video Calling

Secure video calls for care or w/family.

MedRx reminders

Medication reminders at caregiver scheduled times.


It talks to the patient to make them feel less alone.


Mental exercise and game engagement.

Multitablet Tracking

A caregiver can manage multiple patients through the web app.

Automated Reporting

Reports are generated automatically after any activity.

Setting Goals

Great for enforcing proper time management.

Realtime Updates

Low latency and high reliability helps update you instantly.


We are currently working with the largest healthcare payer and private pay Home Care Agencies/Home Health Agencies to restructure the care-at-home experience.

If you would like to get to know more about our service and schedule a demo, or are considering us for a potential partnership. Please check out the contact section to communicate with us immediately.

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Loved By Our Customers

At INF Care, We've been building a growing list of satisfied clients and their patients/users. Here is just what a few of them had to say:

Meet the Team

The team at INF Care has over 10 years of experience in product design and development in building assistive technologies for older adults

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