Commonly asked questions and answers

Q. My mom or dad does not know how to use technology. Is this for them?

A. Absolutely yes, our solution is designed for older adults with little to no tech experience. The interface is simple, rewarding and encouraging

Q. What are unscheduled visits?

A. Caregiver virtual visits done outside of the scheduled times

Q. Are the caregivers employed by INF Care?

A. No, we vet and partner with only the best local agencies who provide the care through our system.

Q. How does INF Care's solution offer the best caregivers?

A. Simply put, they are paid above market rate and can focus on what they signed up to do as a caregiver-help make a difference in people's lives. This allows our partners to obtain and retain the best caregivers in the area without the high turnover rate you see today

Q. What is a senior tailored chat bot?

A. We developed software to have conversations with clients to identify 'areas of concern' and encourage healthy habits successfully.

Q. Does your system use these cloud based systems for the chat bot that I have heard on the news record everything being said?

A. Absolutely NO, our proprietary system values privacy of our clients first, we do not record audio or video at any point.

Q. Is WIFI required for this?

A. Yes, WIFI is required in the client's home.

Q. Do they need to have their own tablet?

A. No, we supply the tablet and everything they need to get connected.

Q. Is this medical home care or non-medical home care?

A. This is non-medical home care today, commonly referred to as companion care.

Q. Is this covered by insurance or Medicare/Medicaid?

A. Not yet, we are working on it, today it is only private pay.