At Home Concierge

A support system that encourages independence

Safe, Affordable, Effective

Home care is very expensive and infrequent. You need someone to check up on your parent(s), but you need them to do it safely. We developed the premier alternative to home care. Our solution leverages the very best of what technology should encompass with the very best human interaction has to offer.

Customer service that focuses on your needs first.

A secure technology that values privacy, guaranteed.

We bring these together to offer the At Home Concierge Service, a virtual check-in service for older adults. Our award winning technology is designed for older adults and has the highest score for Easy to Use Technology for 65+.

Our focus is on you and your independence

We check-in to:
Answer questions
Encourage healthy habits
Schedule appointments

Automated reminders to:
Remember appointments
Meet scheduled events weekly
Assist with daily tasks
(drink water, eat)

Stay Proactive:
Automated conversations
identify 'areas of concern'
Regular interaction via video
Progress reports to family
Mental activities

Taking care of the small things that make a big difference in your day

Testimonials from actual older adult clients

"I feel more confident, not afraid to use technology"

"This is an excellent tool for seniors, the simplicity is an asset. I would recommend it to people with or without a cell phone"

"This has made my family's life easier and less worrisome"

"I am glad to find exercises that stimulate the mind"

Our approach helps families get the peace of mind they need while getting the needs of the older family member addressed.