Virtual Home Care


The way home care should be

Our Home Care visits are backed by data and done virtually, centered around a privacy first technology solution designed for older adults who are not familiar with technology and the best caregivers local to your loved one.

Home Care that focuses on keeping you independent

Medication Adherence

Reminders that are tracked and monitored by your personal caregiver

Keep your mind sharp and identify 'areas of concern'

Mental activities and a senior tailored chat bot to regularly understand needs and challenges throughout the day

Video call to your caregiver with ease

No logging in or navigating menus. Connect with your caregiver when you need them.

Proactive, Results Driven Home Care

Testimonials from actual older adult clients

"I feel more confident, not afraid to use technology"

"This is an excellent tool for seniors, the simplicity is an asset. I would recommend it to people with or without a cell phone."

"This has made my family's life easier and less worrisome knowing a local caregiver is overseeing me"

"I am glad to find exercises that stimulate the mind"

Get better home care for less

Our award winning Virtual Home Care solution is designed to connect the best professional caregivers with older adults frequently, help caregivers understand their clients needs better and focus on driving results so older adults can live independently.

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